The Benefits to Retailers

Leasabl is a centralised platform to facilitate reuse schemes. We help to keep your costs down by providing all the technical, legal and social requirements to run the perfect, hassle-free reuse scheme.

Streamline the Costs of Reuse

Implementing bespoke reuse systems often involves numerous companies duplicating software solutions.  Leasabl avoids this by providing a low-cost alternative covering all of the core technologies from consumer apps to point of sale technology, legal contracts to container and deposit management.  As the reuse market develops and changes, Leasabl allows our partners and members to evolve too at minimal cost and disruption.

Meet Your Obligations

Whether you are in the UK or Europe, the Plastic Packaging Pact is likely to affect all major retailers. In the UK targets are set for 2025 to reuse, recycle or compost 100% of plastic packaging by 2025. With a comprehensive set of members and partners, the UK is aiming to be a front runner in making these changes and it is likely you are either a part of it or will be affected by it. With a number of alternative available Leasabl provides a quick, cost-effective way for your organisation to try reuse without sinking in large levels of investment.

Smart Tracking Integration

Leasabl provides tracking through a variety of technologies namely QR codes and RFID chips. Additionally, retailers can use their own containers with pre-integrated codes or can apply permanent identifiers through polypropylene stickers or printable methods. All Leasabl requires is the code to be logged and activated in the system and we will do the rest.  The result is a tightly managed system with realtime updates on all your stock at each stage of the cycle.

Example brands & packaging

Insurance without the Deposit

Another benefit of Smart Tracking is the ability to reduce the accounting and process load that deposits place on retailers.  You set the deposit, but the transaction is directly between Leasabl and the consumer.  The deposit also does not need manual reimbursing, so the consumer can buy at one point and return at another.

Keeping Pace with Change

The circular economy is not simply about changing the process, but moreover to change all aspects in order to push down costs and take advantage of ‘washing up’ over the cost of ‘smashing up and making anew’.  These changes are likely to come in the form of standardisation of packaging, the ability to stack, smart tracking, ‘buy here and drop there’, smart home delivery and many more besides. Leasabl will stay abreast of these changes to maximise benefits and minimise disruption.

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The Markets Leasabl Covers

Below are just a few market sectors which can be covered by Leasabl.

Grocery Packaging

Retail Packaging

Takeaway Food and Drinks

Events and Festival Vessels