Becoming a Leasabl Member

Why Sign Up to Leasabl?

We all want to make a difference, the issue is often how. Leasabl is an easily accessible reuse app which allows you to borrow from all your favourite stores, at festivals and well anywhere else that accepts our service. Leasabl aims to be a part of every reuse scheme in order to allow you to reuse without paying a physical deposit, whilst building a trust, realising your impact and enjoying the experience.

At Leasabl we believe in the power of the people. We aim to grow our member base to be able to positively influence retailers, supplier and in fact any organisation involved in single-use plastic. By working together and bringing our joint voice, our members can support an organisation’s reuse innovations and assist them in joining the ‘reuse’ revolution.

How does it work?

Leasabl is an app on your phone, smart device or as a physical card.  Any organisation using the Leasabl scheme will ask you to tap your device or scan it at point of sale.  The deposit fee will be taken from the App and held by Leasabl.  This is automatically returned to you when you return your item and it is scanned and approved by the retailer.

To start your account you will need to pay a £1 fee at either the App Store or Google Play. If you need more deposit, simply pay the retailer with cash and when the item is returned the refund will go directly onto your Suzo account, which you can then cash out back into your own bank account or simply leave it there for future reuse purchases.