Our mission is to provide an avenue for consumers of food and drink to move away from single-use packaging and towards reuse.  Our team is not only full of relevant experience but passion too.

Peter Sage

Peter is an environmentalist through and through. With a degree in Environmental Science and a masters in Environmental Diagnostics, he is most at home on social-driven projects. Peter set up Leasabl in December 2018 based on the notion that it intrinsically makes more sense to wash up than to smash up and recycle. More of Peter’s work can be found at www.wearecarter.com

Zee West

Leading-edge Fintech professional with repeated accomplishments driving strategic vision and transformational advances in mission-critical areas for funded startups, scale-ups, and well-known brands

Sam Gamble

An experienced technical leader who has worked on numerous enterprise-level digital projects.  Sam has headed up Global Application Architecture all the way through to delivery. ex KPMG, M&CSaatchi, Bank of America.  Sam has worked with Peter Sage on multiple occasions over their 25-year careers.

William Barraclough

A design leader with a passion for people, products, brands & services that drive change. Over the past 20 years he’s led and developed multi-discipline teams through the process of creating design strategies, iterative product evolution from concept to delivery and developing brands communications for the likes of Aviva, uSwitch, Zoopla and many others. A creative storyteller utilising craft to bring ideas to life, leading projects whether it’s storyboards, narratives & design, or directing, coaching & leading diverse teams. William feels at home with the challenges of balancing his creative, strategic & management skills to successfully deliver across a range of mediums & business needs.

Andrew Marsden

After a 30-year career of working in global businesses such as Unilever, Freudenberg-Vileda, Danone and Britvic plc, Andrew Marsden helps leaders in the private and public sectors build successful strategies and programmes that win in the marketplace.

Gurdeep Manku

Gurdeep or ‘Gurd’ (as most people know him) was the first to join Peter in May 2019 and subsequently helped him formulate the business.  He is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of running venues, pubs, festivals and anything to do with people living life